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Blueberry Co Baby Books Founders Chloe Watts and David Watts Award Winners

I am so excited you decided to join us on this magical adventure that we like to call memory making. It’s so important to me that I’m able to help other families enjoy time with their kids and family members. I believe that we only get to live once and that life can change in a heartbeat (a bit more about that below), so enjoying the every day moments is a big part of our WHY at Blueberry Co.

A bit about us; My name is Chloe Watts. I’m the biz mama behind Blueberry Co. I started this business after I have my first child in 2015 and I couldn’t find a Baby Book that suited me and my style…. So I designed my own!
I’m trained as a Landscape Architect and I use my skills in design and illustration to create the most customisable baby memory books and planners on the market.
In 2017, as Blueberry Co grew, we decided to take the plunge and move to our dream home by the sea and add to our little family. In August 2017 we had a second baby girl… and let me tell you it’s been a crazy ride. I thought one child was crazy but no. 2 has raised the bar!




 For us, our passions really manifest themselves in our biz baby Blueberry Co. Our memory books help you document the dizzying highs and crazy lows of parenting the tiny terrors we love so much: our kids! Our products allow you to dedicate as little or as much time as you want towards creating something super special for your child (and you) to look back on.

That’s it! That’s us! The Blueberry Co team!

If you'd like to contact us, please email info@blueberryco.com.au
Blueberry Co Award Winners