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What makes our baby books so cool?

Blueberry Co memory books are all about you and your child! Just add notes, photos and a little bit of colour! 

We love unisex

All Blueberry Co products are a blank (ok, monochrome) canvas. They’re intentionally designed so no two memory books are ever the same. Because humans aren’t, right?

We love modern design

Our memory books allow your tiny human to claim all the cuteness. Not some cartoon bunny.

We love lifetime support

When you buy a Blueberry Co product, the journey only just begins. Join our free Facebook community so you can mingle with fellow memory makers and ask your questions as your memories (and tiny humans) grow.

😍 what our customers say 😍

Over 45,000 orders across Australia and New Zealand, our customers are the best people to talk to.

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Find out which keepsake book is the right one for you, and your mini-me!

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Starting your layout

Need help starting your book and don't know where to start? We're here to help with all our tips on how to start your book.

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Backdating shouldn’t hold you back! Read all our tips for starting a Baby Book for kids (not babies).

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When it comes to putting life changing events, like giving birth, down on paper sometimes the enormity of the process can feel overwhelming.

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