Official Blueberry Co Tester FAQs

What will you get?

We’ll send you a new product to test every 2 months! This may be a book, stationery or a combination of the two. We encourage you to get started right away, and if these are secret products that haven’t been launched yet, we’ll let you know with an instruction sheet with info on when you can publicly share your finished pages!


So what exactly do I have to do?

  • Once you receive your tester package, get started on that month’s product! It will come with instructions, but rule of thumb is that we will need one spread (two pages) a fortnight coloured in.
  • Take good quality photos! Even work-in-progress pics of your pages can look great.
  • Post to the Blueberry Co Testers Facebook Group, exclusive to our team.
  • We are open to any other creative things you want to do, like little videos!
  • Provide honest and open feedback about the products – we may ask you some questions about products we are developing and would love your opinions.

Do you need coloured pages or completed pages?

We would love both!

If you provide completed pages with written information, it’s best to leave off surnames and dates of birth, because these will be used online. Ensure you have permission to use any photos of other people’s children if they feature on your pages. 


What do I use to colour in?

Unless there’s specific instructions to use stationery provided, you can use whatever you like to colour in.

We use all kinds of products on our pages, from Tombows and the products we stock in our Blueberry Co store to cheap household highlighters.


Who are you sharing my pages with?

Your pages will be widely shared, as the strategy behind the Blueberry testers program is to generate more creative content to attract and inspire our customers.

This might include:

We love the creative ideas that come from our Blueberries and we know from your posts you have great ones! 


Can I take my books apart and put them in folders?

We would prefer you don’t put your tester products in folders, as we want them to look like they do when you receive them in the mail.


Am I still allowed to post my other pages on the Facebook Blueberry Co Baby Book Club group?

Of course!

We will share and monitor the tester posts just to make sure they run at the right time and don’t give away any Blueberry secrets!


What can I tell my friends?

Please keep your tester status under wraps for now, so that we can announce the testing group once it is confirmed!


Will I get paid for being a tester?

This is not a paid position, however as a tester you will get plenty of free products that are yours to complete and keep.


Do we get to keep the products?

Of course you do, and you’re encouraged to keep posting about them if you continue working on them even when you have your next tester product.


Do I get a discount on other Blueberry Co products?

You sure do! We’ll give you a discount of 15% off stationery and 20% off books as a little thank you for all your hard work! We’ll email you this code when you sign on as a tester.


I already have what you’re giving testers this time. Can I have something else?

We’ll let you know what we’re giving out ahead of the send, so please let us know if it is something you already have.

Options could include:

  • Getting access to Colouring Club sheets for the two months instead
  • Gifting your testers product to a friend, if the one you already have is the same edition, in good condition and not in a folder
  • There may be two options for that two month period, so we may be able to give you the other one.



How will I know when my package is being sent?

We will post a message on the Testers Facebook Group. You’ll also get an email with tracking details.


You don’t want to continue?

I don’t want to do it anymore, what happens?

We understand the commitment may not be for everyone and that life happens.

Just email and we will arrange for you to be removed from the testing group. If you haven’t completed that rounds pages then we may ask you to return your package.


Why wasn’t I chosen?

There are only very limited spots for testers, so only a small handful were chosen while we develop the program.

If you’re keen to become a tester for 2023, keep posting your favourite pages to our Facebook group and interacting with our posts, and we will send out invitations at a similar time next year.


How did you select the testers?

We keep a close eye on activity on our Blueberry Co Baby Book Club Facebook group and invited a super small group to become testers as we’ve seen their creative work, photo quality and enthusiasm for our products.


Are they being paid?

Testers have not been given paid roles, but do receive free products to try out, make their own and keep.


When will you choose more testers?

The testing role lasts one year, so we will choose more testers for 2023. We always have our eyes on your posts and pages though, so keep engaging with us and we are sure to notice you!


How do we know a post is from a tester?

Testers will not post directly onto the page, but will have work shared by our Admins, so we are being totally transparent about what work is completed by them.