Backdating shouldn’t hold you back!

Backdating shouldn’t hold you back!

Are you unsure about starting the Baby Book, our one of our other awesome Blueberry Co memory books, because you forgot to write some things down? 

Don’t let that hold you back!

There’s so much information you can call on to help you backdate a memory book – you can easily find out where you were, when it was, and once you see the photos again, you’ll remember how much fun you had! 

Plus, it can be easier to complete your books once you know everything you want to get on the pages and can plan accordingly. 

Here are some hints to help you backdate the sections you might have missed. 

Top tips for backdating your books 

1. List what you need 

Go through your Blueberry Co book prompts and list out all the info you need. That way you can jot it all down, without worrying about any mistakes, and will know the gaps you're trying to fill.

2. Scroll your socials

If you’re active on social media you’ll see the things you did, messages from others, and get a reminder of your favourite pics. In our Blueberry Co Baby Book Club Facebook group, we’ve even seen people make special pages with social media messages, from things like birth announcements. 

First Facebook post and birth announcement pages in Baby Book

3. Check your messages

Who is the first person you text when something big happens? You might even have a family message group that records milestones and adorable responses you can include! 

4. Check your photos and photo data 

Gone are the days when you needed to write the date on the back of the photo!

Day, date, time and location are all available in your photo app by scrolling up on the photo on an iPhone – so if you took a pic of that first time trying solids, the date and time has been recorded for you. 

Image data including day, date, time and location can be easily found for iPhone photos

5. Videos can help, too 

Some of the milestones may be buried in videos, and you’ll easily be able to retrieve the date. It’s easy to create a still on your phone by taking a screenshot, which you can include in your books too.

Press the volume up and side buttons on iPhone, then crop, to create a still from videos

6. Note other additions

As you’re going back through, you might find some other things you really want to include. Blueberry Co books are great because there’s plenty of room for unique additions – it might be a party invite, card, piece of artwork or special note.

Take a photo of the special item if you want to resize it.

7. Make it your own 

Unfortunately, you may find there are some milestones you just may not be able to recover. But you can change up your pages by adding washi tape, covering unused prompts with photos or adding a new heading.

The best thing about Blueberry Co books is they are flexible, so you can adapt them to suit your unique child, family and lifestyle! 

Backdating basics - plan, scroll socials, check texts and chats, flick through photos and videos, get creative!



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