Grandparents Day is coming!

Grandparents Day is coming!

Did you know there’s a special day to celebrate grandparents?  

The last Sunday in October is recognised as Grandparents Day, in Australia and around the world, to acknowledge the amazing people that love and help take care of our little ones – and us, too. 

This year, it falls on 30 October. 

At Blueberry Co, we’re memory makers and love celebrating everything we can. So, we have some great ideas for commemorating this special day (and adding it to your books!), whether you’re able to get together in person or via video call.

Fill out the Q&A in your Grandparents Book

Our Grandparents Book is designed especially to help you and your little ones get to know their grandparents even more.

The book includes a range of interview pages and questions about what life was like when the grandies were younger.

Why not get together or organise a video chat and go through the Q&As?

Another idea is to photocopy the questions and mail them to your grandparents so they can have a good think about how they’d like to answer. What a lovely letter to receive in the mail! And even more exciting to get it back, all filled in. 

Have a home adventure

It’s always lovely to head out with the grandparents, but why not document one of the favourite, everyday things you like to do together?

Maybe it’s reading a few books, doing a puzzle, a walk down the road or just having a cuppa – whichever it is, take some photos this time so you can include in one of your books. You could even have one of the grandparents write on that page about the day.

 Make a special recipe

Do you have an amazing family recipe that’s been handed down, but never seem to get to? Mark it in the calendar for 30 October, and document the fun! Our Family Recipe Book is perfect for collecting recipes and memories like these.

Fill in your Family Tree together 

We see in the comments we receive, this is one page people are nervous to start – but there’s no need to be! Why not jump in and get this one done on the special day?

Double Family Tree - My Grandparents and Me memory book

We have a blog on different ways you can approach this page – there’s one version in the Baby Book and a double tree in the Grandparents Book to record both sides of the family. Don’t be put off by the idea of perfection, because finished is better than perfect.

Some Colouring Club fun

The Blueberry Co Colouring Club offers a range of sheets you can download, print and colour instantly, perfect for entertaining little ones (and yourself) and using to wrap presents, turn into gifts like magnets or DIY picture frames.

Annual members can access our back collection and invite the grandies to a teddy bears’ picnic with our special invites.

Teddy Bears Picnic invites Blueberry Co Colouring Club

Grandparents who aren’t with us

Our love goes out to everyone who has lost their grandparents. The day might be an opportunity to talk about them, do some of their favourite things or look back on any photos you might have.

A Grandparents Book could still be suitable, or you could dedicate some space covering up test pages in your other books, if you wanted to write some memories and add some photos. 

The Blueberry Co Memory Book range makes it easy and fun to create and document all your important family moments.

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