Five ways to record your year

Five ways to record your year

Can you believe we are coming to the end of the year?! Each one seems to fly by quicker than the last. And while it may be a blur thinking back now, I’m sure you took thousands of photos of so many special moments, adventures and people in your life.

There are plenty of ways to record all of this joy with your Blueberry Co books – get those photos off your phone and write those stories down as you reflect on the year!

1. Dedicate an Adventures Book

This is the perfect book to record all of your adventures, big and small!

There are great illustrations and simple prompts to help you tell the story of the special day.

And it doesn’t have to be something huge, either – if you go to the library every week, include it and show photos of your little one as they pick out new favourite books! Maybe you like to try new playgrounds – you could add photos of each and a little rating.

The Adventures Book is so easily customisable, and will help make sure you look back at all your photos and remember all the big and little moments from 2022.

2. Use a page in your Christmas Book

Our Christmas Book gives you four pages a year to use – plus room up front for an annual photo – so you could dedicate one of those pages to a ‘Year in Review’.

Find a photo of all of the major things that happened and write a small caption for each one.

It’ll make Christmastime even more special as you reflect on the year and everything you and your loved ones have achieved!

Note – this can also be done each year in a Birthday Book to record your child’s milestones, and our free About Me printable can help you get it done!

3. Stick photos over your coloured calendar pages

Are you proud of the great work you did on your 2022 Blueberry Co calendar? You could go back through the activities from each month and cover the squares with photos. That way your great colouring lives on and you will have a beautiful record of the year.

We’ve even seen Blueberries do ‘a photo a day’ – but that does take some serious time dedication! Jess shared this lovely example with our Blueberry Co Facebook community.

4. Use the ‘Big Binder of…’

Our most flexible product yet, the ‘Big Binder of…’ allows you to turn your folder into anything you want it to be! Fill it in as you go and turn it into a scrapbook of fun things you’ve done! You could even make a ‘2022’ cover page with some stickers or stencils, and then a ‘2023’ section to continue your day-to-day fun next year.

5. Create a ‘Day in the life’ page

A different one to consider is a ‘Day in the Life’ page. This is especially good if you have a young child and want to remember what each year was like as they grew up – first might be weekly mother’s groups, they may start daycare in the second year and then before you know it, it’s a kindy and school dropoff routine!

You can add this into your baby or toddler book, maybe over a test page, or easily into the Baby Book binder.

We want to help you record your precious memories. Every little captured moment is a building block of a year filled with fun. 

Our blogs can help you prepare if you want to backdate or start a great new book!

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