How to... use coloured pencils to customise your Monochrome Baby Book

How to... use coloured pencils to customise your Monochrome Baby Book

So.... you've got your Monochrome Baby Book and you're looking at those nice clean white pages trying to get up the courage to add some ink to it. You're not alone!! I've only just started filling out my book. Here'e some tips and tricks t help you get started.

Let's start with a colour scheme: choose the page you want to fill in, let's say the "1 Year Old" page.

Take a look at your photos from that age and pull out the dominant colours. I spent lots of time at the beach this year, so the photos of my wee one have lots of big blue skies and ocean backdrops so I went with blue hues.

Selecting my colours: I went with blue hues, but you can choose anything!

A few tips:

- get comfy!! Grab a cup of tea and a snack.. this could take some thinking and creativity is fueled by hot drinks and sugary snacks!

- when colouring in with pencils colour in the same direction

- layer your colours to get depth

- do a test page. Grab a spare piece of paper and test out your chosen colours next to your photos and see if they go together.

- leave some white space if you want! Don't be afraid to leave some white here and there to balance out the composition

Sooooo here we go!! Get into it and don't be afraid to just get into it and create!!


Here's my finished page!! It is hard to get started... I sometimes stare at my daughters book and put a LOT of "this needs to be perfect for instagram" pressure on myself. The reality is, it's just for my daughter. Its her life, her moments that she's too young to remember.


Sending love and creative vibes your way xoxox



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