3 tips for creating a stylish monochrome baby book

3 tips for creating a stylish monochrome baby book

Creating a stylish monochrome baby book is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Getting started on documenting the life of that perfect precious baby can be daunting, especially when faced with a blank bit of paper (or even better... our Monochrome Baby Book). Finding the time to fill it out is also a juggle; don't worry I'm there with you! I can barely finish a cup of tea.

The key is to just dive in and get started, so I've pulled together the 3 best tips to get you going, especially if you're a monochrome lover. You just can't go wrong with black & white!

1. Keep all your photos black and white

Add a filter to your photos before you print them to give them that vintage feel. Black and white is classic and will keep your book looking consistent and clean. Are your photos a bit dark? Play with the brightness and contrast to get the best image and then print away! We love printing using Picture Postie Photo Printing App 10cm x 10cm photos with a white border.

monochrome baby book

[ photo by @mytribe_myvibe on Instagram ]

monochrome baby book

[ photo by @itsme_laura_ on Instagram ]

2. Use the same black pen all the way through

Thats right. Choose your pen and stick to it. Even better... stick it to your book so you never loose it! We love to use an Artline 0.4mm black felt tip. 

[ photo by @miss.slade on Instagram ]

3. Double-sided tape is your friend

That's right. No glue here. Stick your super sweet photos (ideally with a white border) in with double sided tape. That way your photo looks clean and 'floats' in the page. It's also a great way to fill in your book really quickly because you don't have to wait for glue to dry. 

unisex monochrome baby journal

[ photo by @miss.slade on Instagram ]

[ photo by @piperandthelittle on Instagram ]


That's it!! Now you're ready to get started creating the most beautiful and timeless Monochrome Baby Book around!


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