How to use Washi tape in your Monochrome Baby Book

How to use Washi tape in your Monochrome Baby Book

You may have seen your Pinterest feed flooded with bullet journalling ideas, mindfulness and colouring in! So have I! It's a great way to get inspiration on how to customise your Monochrome Baby Book and other memory books from our collection.


1. What you'll need

You'll need one of our EPIC memory books ( shop our range here>>> ), some Washi tape (we love the guys at Washi Gang), some double-sided tape to stick your photos in, printed photos and a pen to write your notes!

First things first... write your notes! I like writing my notes in first so I know I have plenty of room to play with when decorating. Try using a coloured pen (check out our Tips & Tricks page here for pen recommendations), it's a great way to add colour without going over board.

2. Choose your page and photos

Modern monchrome baby memory book

Choosing the place to start and narrowing down all those insanely cute photos is one of the hardest parts of writing in your baby memory journal! I recommend choosing a few, and remember to include a few of the important people in your child's life... especially the main photographer (usually MUM!!).

3. Get Sticking!!

journalling in your Monochrome Baby Book Blueberry Co

In my daughter's '4 month old' page I've chosen to use some washi tape to add colour to the photo page. I've just stuck it on in lines, but you can also use it as a border to the photos. Keep in mind the washi tape itself isn't strong enough to hold a photo in place, so if you're doing a border stick your photos down with double sided tape first. 

4. You're done!!

Monochrome Baby Book custom baby memory book

That's it!! I use extra stickers and post it notes to add extra little details (e.g. this was my daughter's first time at the snow!!). 


We've written about creating a stylish Monochrome Book here >>> so check it out!

Want to see more DIY videos? Don't forget to send me an email with any requests!! 

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