Our new book is all about your kids!

Our new book is all about your kids!

All the time, I get asked how I’m recording memories now our little ones have passed toddlerhood.  

We have the wonderful School Book for school-related milestones, but what about things like favourite hobbies and activities, books and special family activities and traditions?

Look no further than our brand new Kid Book, which stretches from five years of age until 12 years.

Just some of the best things about our Kid Book include:

  • Heaps of space for writing and photos
  • ‘About me’ prompts for each age
  • Brand new patterns to colour!
  • Unisex design so you can personalise for your big kid
  • Room for all their favourite things
  • Room for all their favourite people, family and friends
  • Prompts for ‘trends and fashion’ so you can record a bit about what was happening that year and what was cool (and see if it still is when they look back!).

 We are so excited to launch the Kid Book so you can keep personalising and recording memories as your little ones grow into tweens!

Ready to start your collection? You can grab your copy of our Kid Book here!

When do I need the Kid Book?

The Kid Book starts at age five and follows straight on from the Toddler Book.

You can use it concurrently with the School Book, as the prompts are very different!

If you’re anything like me, you have so many photos and milestones to record, the more space you have the better! 

Do I use photos from ages 4-5 or 5-6 in the ‘About me when I’m five’ section?

We recommend filling out with information and photos from the previous year, so you can see what they were like when they turned five.

This way you can carry on seamlessly from the Toddler Book without skipping any time, not missing those beautiful memories.

But the beauty of the book is you can fill it out anytime in the age range – just date your pages!


Why do I need it if I have the School Book?

The School Book was designed to hold all those school photos, certificates and school work and artwork.

So the prompts are very different from what you get in the Kid Book!

In fact, they are the perfect pair to capture everything you need as your child grows up.  

Why do I need it if I have the Birthday Book?

The Birthday Book is best for recording what happened on the day – any parties, celebrations, special gifts and traditions each year.

It has four pages for each birthday, so it might be a bit tight to record a lot about what your child is like (and there are no prompts for this).

The Kid Book is a great companion to the Birthday Book if you’re looking to record all their favourite things and their special quirks at each age. 

I have no other Blueberry Co books – is this one ok to start with?

Any of our books are great to start with!

The Kid Book is especially good because it is easy to fill out, as it only needs to be done once a year – and it can be done anytime, it doesn’t need to be completed exactly on a birthday.

You can keep it simple and black and white, or colour in the great patterns – we promise it’ll get easier as you go and you’ll feel more and more creative!

We also offer so much support and guidance – for more on how to complete your books, visit:

When should I let my kids start filling in their books?

This one is completely up to you! Some of us never let our kids touch their books, lol!

But it would be lovely to have their handwriting and their input.

If you don’t want to fully sacrifice your colouring in, you could let them colour one page a year while you keep the rest for yourself.

Some families love the tradition of looking through and completing their books together, whereas keeping them as a surprise is a beautiful way to do it too!


Want to start your collection? You can grab your copy of our Kid Book here!

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  • Jade Turner

    OMG !!!! I never been more excited !!!! i have a 4 year old turning 5 next month and have been waiting for this book for a while. Her baby book and toddler book are pretty much finished so this one im super excited for. thankyou Chloe

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