The secret to recording all the important milestones when you're too busy to fill out a baby book

The secret to recording all the important milestones when you're too busy to fill out a baby book

Oh ladies! I know your list of things to do is a MILE LONG!

Never fear! I’m here to help you. 

Recording your child’s milestones, first words, funny sayings and generally anything hilarious and worth recounting does not have to be hard. Let me repeat: THIS IS NOT A CHORE! 

Throw away that guilt. Lucky for us we have the ultimate memory keeping tool right in our pocket: your phone!


Write notes!

The notes app in your phone is the PERFECT way to record dates, stories and funny things your child does and says. I organise my notes into folders based on age (so when I do have time to fill in my Monochrome Baby Book, they’re all there and I can just copy them in!).

There are so many things you could record, but you’ll find as your child grows from a baby to a toddler to kid that you’ll record different things. Here’s my summary of what you might record for ages 0-5.


First 12 months:

  • Month by month notes. As your baby grows in those first 12 months he/she will change so much! I wrote notes for 1 month old- 12 months old.
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Feeding routines, first foods and favourite food as they grow.
  • Activities and events: from the first car ride home from the hospital, to the first trip to the zoo: there are so many events and outings in that first year that you could record. You could create a separate note for the major ones (maybe your first family holiday) or include them in your month by month notes. Whatever works for you!
  • Teething
  • First words, funny sounds
  • Fun day-to day activities like swimming lessons, coffee with friends, beach visits etc


Every year from age 1-5

  • New words and sayings
  • First steps, running, jumping, swimming (any and all physical activity really!)
  • First friends
  • Helping around the house
  • Outdoor activities
  • First day at day-care
  • Funny stories
  • Favourite books, tv shows and songs
  • Favourite food or food aversions (hello toddler years!)


Take photos!

I take so many photos! On a quiet day it’s 4-5 photos but on a big adventure I’ve been known to snap over 300 photos (the aquarium and zoo were big days!).

With so many images (I have over 25,000 on my phone from the last 18 months) it’s so easy to snap and forget! I know I flick through photos periodically on my phone but they just sit there.

So I’ve started a new habit! I organise all my favourite photos into albums per month for 0-12 months (because they change so much in that time) and in 3 month blocks for age 1-5.

Firstly: let me help you back up your images (so they’re safe forever!). I love using Google Photos. Google photos automatically backs up your images when you’re in WiFi and it’s free!! You can read more about it here: >>>>

Within Google Photos, and your phone photos app, you can create albums that correspond with specific ages! As I did with my notes, I have every month from 0-12 months and then 3 month blocks for each child. So when I’m doing my nightly scroll through the photos I’ve taken during that day, week or month, I organise my favourites into those folders! You could add a handful or a heap, it’s completely up to you!


You’re now a master record keeper! But what do you do now?

I’m glad you asked!

You have spent a moment here and a moment there over the past week, months, or years, adding notes to your phone and organising your photos, and now you’re ready to do something with them… but what?

Fill out a memory book of course!!

Our Monochrome Baby Book and Monochrome Toddler Book are designed to make it super easy and super fun to fill out! Now you’ve recorded all your amazing adventures and your child’s milestones, filing in each page is SO EASY!! I can do a complete page in 7 minutes flat!

>> You can watch me fill out a page here <<


I’ve designed each page to make it super easy and most importantly fun, to create an amazing keepsake for you and your child! All you have to do is write in the notes you’ve already made and print out the selection of photo’s you’ve already saved!


>>> Get started now <<<

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