We love holidays - our new Halloween memory book

We love holidays - our new Halloween memory book

At Blueberry Co, we just love special occasions – anything and everything should be celebrated!

That’s why, when we kept getting questions about releasing a Halloween Book, we got to work drawing the cutest little “scary” illustrations we could.

A lot of Australian families now celebrate Halloween and love dressing up and engaging in their neighbourhood. Those incredible costumes and the happy excitement of impending summer need to be recorded in your memory books!

Our new Halloween Book launches on 28th September and will have a limited run.

It’s a seasonal book, so we will re-release it each year around October.

The Halloween Book includes pages for 12 years, with four pages to fill in and colour each year and special prompts to help you record the important things.

It has some awesome, cute and scary illustrations to colour in – everything from little monsters to magic potions, witches, cats and ghosts (and some sweet treats too!).

And there is heaps of room for photos  we take so many each year, we had to make sure there was plenty of space! 

We’ve included a new ‘Our Traditions’ page, so you can detail your family’s favourite things about Halloween, and even add some pics from previous years if you wish.

And, of course, there are our yearly snapshot pages, so you can see how everyone grows up and changes each time you Trick or Treat.

The Halloween Book is the perfect addition to your growing Blueberry Co holiday collection!

It works in the same way as your Christmas, Easter and Birthday Books, so it’s super easy to fill out, only needing attention once a year.

It’s easy to backdate too.

Take a peek inside!

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