Monochrome- the trend that encourages your childs individual style

Monochrome- the trend that encourages your childs individual style

Monochrome is the coolest trend. Its swept homewares, clothing and all things kid related. Heck, I've based my whole business around monochrome colour schemes.

So why is it so freaken fantastic? I love monochrome things because they form a great basis for you to personalise your style. I particularly love monochrome furnishings and clothing for kids. All it takes is for them to add a bit of colour and they can completely change what their wearing or their room. I'm all about allowing kids lots of flexibility to play with who they are, which is why I have so any monochrome clothes and furnishings.


A beautiful monochrome room by @lorena_m_f


 This epic room is by the amazing instamum and monochrome fanatic @lorena_m_f . Lorena uses blonde timber pieces to soften this room and give it a Scandinavian feel.



UK kids store Bobby Rabbit has used monochrome patterns and motifs to create the sweetest girls room!

 So now you're on board with this monochrome trend, and you're thinking 'where the hell can I get my hands on some of this monochrome goodness???'

Some of my favourite monochrome makers & biz mamas are:


Bear & Cub

Owner, Katrina Dykes started up Bear & Cub around 6 months ago when she was looking for fun ways to improve her sons speech. The speech therapist suggested getting animals and playing with them to encourage speech and create more words and sounds. Not only did this prove to be a success in helping develop her sons speech by finding a fun way of educating and playing but also found a niche in the children's accessory market, especially for the boys!  She now creates unique necklaces often referred to as "manlaces" and "ladylaces" to suit any little babes taste. Her items include an array of different animals but also motorbikes, helicopters, skulls & plenty of custom and personalised accessories with the latest being personalised bag tags. 
We love these necklaces because your kiddy can choose to customise them with colour and add them to any outfit to express themselves. Shop Bear and Cub here.
Bo and Fleur

Auke Wicks is the owner and designer behind the boutique fashion brand Bo and Fleur;

'I am the 3rd child in a big family and was always handed down all my clothing. When I became a teenager and received some pocket money, I felt liberated and distinguish myself from others by buying different type of clothing. My style has changed a lot over the years and after having children, I decided to leave my corporate career behind me and follow my heart. Inspired by my 2 little girls, I started to develop bold skirts with vibrant prints. I didn't want them to miss out on my European background and also wanted them to be able to develop their own style from a young age. Bo and Fleur was only founded 3 months ago. Our mission is to produce quality, fun and daring clothing for kids, to help them express their own unique story. Our range of designer kids clothing is based on simple design principles, which enables them to BE KIDS, whilst developing their own individual style by choosing from a range of bold and energetic prints.'

You can check out all the Bo and Fleur styles here.



Decor Me

Decor Me is an inventive and imaginative brand that creates trendy, modern handmade Decor for the kiddies, and for your home! The underlying theme for Decor Me is about letters and names, It is a way in which people can express themselves and a natural connection to the personal nature of words.

Decor Me have recently released the 'Little People's Range' which includes various wooden doll stacker sets to match your children's room Decor. They are made out of Tasmanian oak, natural wood, non toxic paint, and natural sealant, and are a perfect decoration for any little ones room, as well as a fantastic educational stacking ring set to assist in hand and eye coordination skills.


You can check out Decor Me here.




Nauts & Crosses

Nauts & Crosses is a trendy headwear brand for kids that like to stand out in a crowd. They are dedicated to delivering high quality, functional and stylish headwear for children. Bold, on trend patterns and colours are used throughout the collection. We talked to Katie Hunt, designer and owner of Nauts and Crosses;

'As a mum with two small children I found it challenging to find a hat with a trendy design and the right fit for my kids, so I decided to create my own. All our headwear and fabric prints are designed in Australia by me and are manufactured ethically abroad.

Our bucket hats have a deep crown for comfort,along with a wide brim for maximum sun protection. A toggle at the back of the crown can be pushed through to the other side when reversing the hat to adjust for the perfect fit. A detachable chin strap can be fastened through the loops on either side of the hat with a secure brass press stud when reversed, or be completely removed if not required. These features allow all our bucket hats to be fully adjustable and reversible, ensuring the best fit for your child.

We are excited to be expanding our headwear range to include unisex monochrome Snapbacks which are coming soon.'

Shop Nauts and Crosses here-

(Cross Bolt Reversible Bucket Hat pictured)



 Seriously Milestones

The amazing cards from Seriously Milestones are the milestone cards that reflect real life parenting wins and near misses.

Seriously Milestones is about telling the truth - that having kids isn’t all coffee dates and gummy smiles.

The cards embrace the desire for parents to capture and share more of the ‚Äėreal‚Äô parenting moments. Seriously Milestones are intended for use when sharing images on Social Media using the #seriouslymilestones or by snapping a photo to put in the box with the cards as a keepsake.

New parents will even enjoy having a quick look through the cards to have a laugh, assured they’re not the only ones!

One dollar from each pack sold will go to Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA), because if anything deserves more awareness than annoying kids and imperfect parenting, it’s this organisation. Seriously.

We can't wait for them to launch in July! Check them out here.


I hope you enjoy supporting all these amazing monochrome mamas!
xx Chloe

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