2024 Digital Planner
2024 Digital Planner
2024 Digital Planner
2024 Digital Planner
2024 Digital Planner

2024 Digital Planner

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The Blueberry Co Digital Planner is everything you need to get organised for 2024!

The week-to-view spreads are the perfect way to plan your week, and it’s easy to jump ahead in the year with our fully linked digital planner, you just click on the tabs to move through the pages with ease.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS every single week with weekly goals and a habit tracker. This is the Ultimate digital planner for creatives!

Use our lists to track your work and home life. Write tasks, shopping lists or expand on your personal life. 

COLOUR ME IN! This planner is designed to be used with a digital planner app like Goodnotes 5 or Notability.



How will I receive my digital planner?

It will be automatically emailed to you within 2 hours of purchase.

What’s the best way to use the digital planner?

The 2024 Blueberry Co Digital Planner is designed to be used in Goodnotes 5 (or any other good digital note taking or planning app). You’ll receive a PDF file from us with fully linked pages. All you need to do it open it in your preferred app and use it as the base for your digital planning.

How do I open my new digital planner in Goodnotes?

Just download your digital planner using the download link in this email. Save it to your files if you’re working on your iphone or ipad. Save to your hard drive if downloading onto your desktop computer and send to your ipad via email or airdrop. 

Open in Goodnotes and you’re ready to go!

If you’d like to know more about the Goodnotes app, you can learn more here https://support.goodnotes.com/hc/en-us/articles/4599403401359-Getting-started-with-GoodNotes-5

Can I use this digital planner on other apps?

Yes you can! As long as your preferred app supports pdf files then you can use this digital planner as your base.

Can I use Goodnotes on Desktop, Windows or Android?

Yes, Goodnotes is now available on Desktop, Windows and Android. You can find out more here https://support.goodnotes.com/hc/en-us/articles/4902574529551-GoodNotes-for-Android-Windows-and-Chrome-OS

How do I colour in the illustrations using Goodnotes?

I like to use the highlighter pen to colour in the illustrations!


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Customer Reviews

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At Blueberry Co we do memory books differently.

We love unisex.

All Blueberry Co products are a blank (ok, monochrome) canvas. They’re intentionally designed so no two memory books are ever the same. Because humans aren’t, right?

We love modern design.

Our memory books allow your tiny human to claim all the cuteness. Not some cartoon bunny.

We love lifetime support.

When you buy a Blueberry Co product, the journey only just begins. Join our free Facebook community so you can mingle with fellow memory makers and ask your questions as your memories (and tiny humans) grow.

What the cool people (aka our customers) say?

Incredible, Addictive, Relaxing Fun!

OBSESSED with filling out and colouring my son's baby book! The best books in the market and family owned! So much support and advice on their facebook book club page.. The book has so much room for photo's and you can customise it any way you wish! The baby book every parent should have!


Amazing Baby Book

I am so enjoying filling out and customising this baby book for my little daughter. I love being able to personalise it so much and make it her own! I find colouring so relaxing and it just helps that I’m creating this beautiful keepsake for my daughter at the same time. Thanks for creating such an awesome book that is so fun to fill in and add a creative touch to!


Couldn't love this more!

I couldn't love my baby book anymore. Received as a gift when I found out I was pregnant and it has been perfect. Perfect for downtime while pregnant colouring in. Perfect for remembering milestones and now perfect for capturing my little girls photos.
Beautiful keepsake and something I'll treasure forever. 😍

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