4 steps to the perfect page

4 steps to the perfect page

Don't know where to start with your Monochrome Baby Book? Don't worry! We've broken down the steps to creating the perfect page.

Did you catch our Facebook Live yesterday? I went through every step LIVE!! You can see how easy it is to fill in your Monochrome Baby Book or any of our other memory books? The trick is to just get started!

You can catch it here:

Step 1: Print Photos!! 

That's right! It pays to be organised and often the biggest thing holding us back from getting started is printing photos. I love using Picture Postie Photo Printing App to print all my photos, but sometimes I want them to be very very small (so I can fit more in!), so I use Pic Collage App to help create a collage of photos that I can print out at a normal size and then cut up. It's super easy and I can do it all while settling or feeding a tiny baby #winner!! 


Step 2: Plan your Colours!!

Do you have a consistent them running through your book? Maybe you're staying true to the Monochrome vibe, or maybe you're experimenting like me? Either way, I've pulled together all the best colour palettes (and a whole lot more) on Pinterest. You can get some amazing inspiration, so why not pop along and follow us here>>>

If you want to colour the background in, this is when you do it. Check out my Facebook Live above to see how I did it.

Colour palettes for your memory book // baby book // monochrome baby book Blueberry Co // www.blueberryco.com.au 

Step 3: Write Notes

Today, filling in my daughter's Monochrome Baby Book a few days after her birthday, it was easy to recall all those important moments. My husband and I had spent the last few days reminiscing over the ways in which she'd grown and changed. However I do have a LOT of pages to catch up on. 

The Monochrome Baby Book // unisex modern baby memory journal

I have a few ways to remember all of the amazing things she's done over the last 3 years. Firstly, I write notes in the notes app in my phone. It's the perfect way to write notes on the go. Secondly, I look back at videos. This is especially helpful when it's been a while (My now 3 yo has a blank 5 months old page... so that's how I'll prompt my #babybrain!!)

 Monochrome Baby Book by Blueberry Co // www.blueberryco.com.au

Step 4: Bring it all together

You've got all the ingredients so now it's time to pull it all together. Colour in the background (if you want to), write in your notes and stick in your photos you lovingly selected earlier. 

That's it!! Your page is done!! 

 Monochrome Baby Book by Blueberry Co // modern fun memory book unisex pregnancy journal // www.blueberryco.com.au

Have you finished a page recently? Why not post it on Instagram and tag @blueberrycobaby !! I'd love to see it!


Want to see how I use Coloured Pencils in my memory books? Check out this post >>>


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