Go Crazy with Colour!

Go Crazy with Colour!

Ladies- Are you stuck on what baby book to get? Do you want a baby record book you can customise?

Maybe you’ve already got one of our books and you haven’t started yet? I’m here to help! 

The ladies inside our Blueberry Co Baby Book Club (click to join) have pretty much tested EVERY colour combination there is, and I’ve picked out the best ones for your inspiration!!

One of the best ways to get started with colour is to choose a colour palette. Pick one that speaks to you and your child- maybe is bright pinks or earthy tones. You could choose a different one for each page or keep the same theme for the entire book, it’s up to you! 


The next step is to choose your materials! Use washi tape, pencils or markers (click here to read our range of How-To Blogs) and test the colours first! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different brands of pens and pencils until you get the right combination!

Grab a spare bit of paper or use the test page in your book and started testing colours and techniques. I love using a combination of markers and pencils like I have here in this page of my daughter’s Toddler Book! I’ve used the Crayola Supertips and Jasart pastel pencils!

You can see how I've filled in this page by watching my IGTV episode here >>>

That's it! All you need to do is get started!! Don't forget to share your progress, questions and finished pages in our Blueberry Co Baby Book Club!!

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    How do you get this book?

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