How to use your Recipe Book

How to use your Recipe Book

 The special thing about our Recipe Book is that it doubles as a functional recipe journal and beautiful keepsake. 

It has all the content you’d expect to fill in your own recipes - room for ingredients, method, conversions - as well as space to tell stories about your favourite people to cook with, write about particular meanings behind your recipes and dedicate to a family member. And of course, plenty of delicious illustrations to colour and make your own! 

It’s designed in our usual Blueberry Co style, with the black ‘highlights’ pages at the front, where you can add photos and words about your most special recipes and note which pages to find them on. 

The recipe pages themselves have tabs down the side so you can customise your own sections - whether it’s for entrees, mains, desserts and snacks; or for each generation the recipe has come from. 

And there’s a contents page, to help make finding a particular recipe much easier. 

Most spreads have one recipe to a page, but if you need two you can flick to the back for more space, or just cover the words on the opposite page by sticking the rest of your recipe in, using washi tape or photos. 

Five ways to customise 

1. Use tabs to colour code your own sections 

    The Family Recipe Book has been designed with tabs down the side of each page so you can colour code and create your own sections, rather than being locked into same old ‘entrees’, ‘mains’ and ‘desserts’. 

    By all means, you can order that way, but depending on what you have to include, you could sort by each generation’s recipes, who they are from or types of food.

    2. Include different pics
    The first photo you probably think to include is one of the dish itself - but, particularly when you have the ‘highlights’ page at the front, consider a photo of everyone eating the recipe, or one of the attempts to make it. You can always add a few photos at the bottom of the recipe page, or go over two pages if you need.

    3. Tell your story opposite your recipe
    There’s plenty of space in the highlights pages up front to talk about the meaning behind your recipes, but if you have more favourites you want to detail, why not turn some of the recipe pages into double page spreads? You can easily cover the page with photos or written stories.

    4. Have family members handwrite their own recipes
    Consider passing your book around the family and have different people handwrite their own favourite recipes into the book.
    You could even get them to decorate the page (if you can handle relinquishing the colouring!).

    5. Make a favourite foods page
    There’s some blank pages at the back (and your test pages) that you could turn into a page describing everyone’s favourite foods! It might be a picture of them eating it or a story about when you made it together. You could add a new photo each year as your kids’ tastes change or make it more of a dinner party page and share photos of your favourite shared meals. 

      The possibilities for customising are pretty much endless! 


      Our Blueberry Co Facebook group shares plenty of amazing ideas on colouring and customising their pages. If you haven’t already, join our active group of Blueberries here. 


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