The best Gingham Page EVER

The best Gingham Page EVER

🌈 colouring in doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated!

Grab your favourite markers and turn your memory book into something AMAZING 🤩

For this page we used pastel stabilo highlighters (which you can buy for as little as $5 for a set of 4). 

Start off my choosing a page. I like using this technique on the pages with detailed patterns like this one in our Birthday Book

Test your colours on a spare bit of paper or the test page in your book. 

1️⃣ Choose your colours
2️⃣ Practice your pattern on a test but of paper
3️⃣ Draw your horizontal lines changing colours as you go.
4️⃣ Draw the vertical lines changing colours as you go.
5️⃣ Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Add your photos and fall in love with the finished result!

Have fun playing around and create a keepsake as unique as your little person.


Watch the video here

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